Paid Family Leave in California
Benefits of today’s current Paid Family Leave insurance program include: 60 or 70% of normal weekly wages, up to eight weeks of benefits & NO guaranteed job protection.
To survive in the COVID-19 pandemic, we must band together as a community and recognize that a better Paid Family Leave policy will be instrumental to the economic recovery of all Californians.
Paid Family Leave Can Benefit Everyone ...
  • Paid Family Leave helps employees balance the responsibilities of career and caregiving, benefiting both families and employers.
  • Bonding time with a parent gives a newborn baby their best chance of good health and future success.
  • Paid Family Leave allows workers to stay home with family members recovering from COVID-19, without the risk of exposing others in the workplace to the virus.
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But Very Few Californians Are Accessing It ...
  • Only half of eligible mothers and one-quarter of eligible fathers are taking Paid Family Leave.
  • Low payments and the lack of job protection are the primary reasons California families are missing out on benefits they pay for.
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Together, We Can Improve Paid Family Leave.
  • We can improve Paid Family Leave with more pay, guaranteed job protection and more time off.
  • Join our Strong Leave for Strong Families campaign to make a better Paid Family Leave a reality for all Californians.
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